Top 10 Packing Machine Manufacturers

Packing and wrapping make things more appealing to people. It will simply soothe the eyes of the beholder. Yes, we can all relate to this aspect. We adore such products or things that are beautifully wrapped by advanced tools that will just make you wonder about that. But this is not the only factor, few things are far more important than that like what sort of technology has been used? the quality of the product as well.


Such questions led us to think about those companies and manufacturers, who have played a significant role in making the process of packaging more alluring. It creates an urge to think beyond. Why there is a need for such a huge amount of companies who made this process more challenging and distant.

By analyzing such needs, we come across so many packing machine manufacturers who are masters in their fields, and hence there is wide scope in it. We analyzed critically and find out the top 10 packing machine manufacturers who used modern technology and provide a huge amount of options and tools which are stunning!!

Let’s find out the qualities of these packing machines, but for that, we need to get into the depths of the details of these companies. So give it a read and explore many more interesting features about them.


The most advanced and amazing packing machine that has left all other packaging machines behind is Finopack. It has proven to be the best one. With its new and best features, it is the be-all and end-all. We are not just saying it, we will show you why we are putting this on top of the list.

The quality is the aim of Finopack. It provides the best material for packing things. Finopack has modern ways of packing and wrapping things which is all automatic. It has a variety of packing machines while keeping every aspect of packing. It includes;

  • Feed conveyor system; this tool helps in placing the packing pouch and bags from one place to another. This will be done by the usage of wheels, belts, a chain, and rollers. The conveyors are further divided into the screw, belt, and inclined conveyor.
  • Multi-head weigher; It has many weigher heads which will help in a lot of work in less time.
  • Auto bagging machine; the automatic option helps in packing the things in less time with much accuracy.
  • Palletizer system; It is a programmed way of assembling things in order so that it would not delay in working.
  • Other machines are:
  • vacuum packing machine
  • vertical form fill seal machine
  • premade pouch packing machine
  • conveyor system

The amazing options of packing machines are in great number and hence every machine holds a separate working. This is what makes Finopack the top-notch. The unlimited options for work of machines enable the customer to give the priority to the only and that is Finopack.

It holds a worldwide business of packing things that’s why we put it on number first due to the efficiency and exhilarating features.


Foshan soontrue is the full name of this packing manufacturer company. It was established in 1993 in china. It was formed on 40,000 square meters. With its quality and outstanding performance in this field, it has proven to be the best one. The working and environment of packing machines are well-developed. It has more than 500 staff members.

Started its business with the first packaging machine, PM-2000, which was the backbone of the development of the Foshan company. It launched the first automatic feeding line in 2004 which is still in use. The options are still many more like; full servo machine and a fully automatic packing line. All these lines of machines help manufacturers in establishing their business more and make the popularity of their techniques and working.

The modern way of dealing with the products and packing them is the quality of Foshan. The products are; automatic carton lines, robotic machines, and packing lines make it a great company of packing manufacturers.

It exports packing machines and automatic packing systems to more than 50 countries which included Asia, Africa, North America, Oceania, and many more. The quality of packing is 100% guaranteed.

3)  Adelphi group of companies

Adelphi has a group of companies that’s why we are calling it a group. It is situated in the UK. It has a variety of tools for packaging which soothes the eyes and makes it great as well. This outstanding company does the packaging of products like pharmaceuticals, hygienic products, healthcare, cosmetics, and essential oil as well.

The spectrum in which this company has divided the line of packaging is vast that’s why it is on the list of the top ten. It captures the attention of such business oweners because of the variety of products. It operates through four divisions. Which includes;

  • Lab equipment
  • Healthcare
  • Packing machinery
  • Pharma hygienic products

It also has three buildings on site. Adelphi groups also offer eco-friendly manufacturing facilities.

4)  FUJI

Fuji machinery is situated in Japan, which was formed in 1946. The companies which offer a wide range of automatic options are considered exceptional, that’s why we categorized the packing manufacturers on this foundation.

It has six international subsidiaries across Europe, the US, Asia, and Africa. It has a staff of 669 people, which is the reason for the speed and accuracy of working. Fuji is also the pioneer of applying electronic controls and robotics. The ultimate goal of these manufacturers is to take a step forward and showing the advancement of technologies.

The horizontal pillow wrapping machines are also available at this place. the basic requirements are carefully catered at this company. It has 54 types of machines that help pack things. The FLAN system centrally controls various equipments in the packing process.


Aetna groups of packing are situated in the USA. The technology and tools of these manufacturers include semi-automatic wrapping machines which carefully analyze the product and wrap it in that specific manner which is great. With its smart technology, the process of packing becomes good and feasible too.

It has automatic solutions for wrapping bags and pouches. It also has innovative technology for industrial wrapping, cartooning, and shrimp wrapping. It operates seven manufacturer facilities too which is huge in numbers. The nine subsidiaries of Aetna groups are founded in France, Germany, the Uk, Russia, and many more. All of these countries are economically strong and hence make it a famous brand.

It has up to 900 employees and transports packing materials in more than 120 countries. With 15,000 machines, it will take this popularity worldwide. The Aetna groups have the aim to facilitate the customers with its quality work with precision.


With the availability of three industrial groups, the Tetra Laval has to gain progress in the world.  It is situated in Switzerland. The staff is comprised of 35, 976 number of people. With an unlimited number of packaging items, it has an addition of food packaging and processing companies.

It has up to 55 production plants. The work includes filling, labeling, and handling materials. It has 1000 packing lines to date. The innovation of PET packing solutions is working beautifully and efficiently. This helps in reducing environmental factors like inhibiting harmful things which are triggering global warming and keep such dangerous factors away from the earth and playing its role in saving it.


Krones packaging line has formed in Germany. It has fascinating tools and machines which makes the process much easier. Machines for processing, filling, packaging of beverages, liquids, and foods, are all available under one roof. It offers the packaging of food items which is the most demanding business of all.

There are 5,900 registered patents and utility models. It operates more than 100 sites with the availability of 17,300 employees. The advancement of bottling and packaging equipment is facilitating the consumers.

Krone group has a recycling system for polyethylene terephthalate, which is (PET). The processes and techniques are well-developed and far good than other packaging companies.


It was founded in USA, which is the best around worldwide. The specialty of this company is packaging paper converting, sheeting, corrugating with other facilities too which we were continuously emphasizing previously. It has a staff of 12,000 people who are effortlessly working and contributing their crucial as well.

It has more than 90 companies in over 100 locations worldwide in 28 countries. The exceptional facilities of these packaging lines include; accraply, flexible system, integrated system. Pneumatic scale angelus, synerlink( packing system business). These all tools are advanced in their performance and do not offer by other manufacturers and that makes it distant in the working.


It was formed in Italy. Having ownership of around 21 companies, Coesia groups are outstanding in their working and quality packaging lines. It is owned by Isabella Sergnoli. With 8,5000 employees, the techniques and methods are very well and much improved.

Including diverse sectors of packaging lines are aeroscape, ceramics, consumer goods, healthcare, electronics, racing, and automotive. The smoothness of filling and transferring bags and products is hard work to do but Coesia groups do it in such efficient and impressive ways that attract consumers all around the world.


The last company on this very list is Berhalter, situated in Switzerland. Learning all the adequate techniques, methods, and processes of packing things is the essence of these manufacturers. They adopt innovative ideas in their process of working. It offers packaging of food, beverages, pet care, pharmaceuticals, and non-food sectors.

The sustainable techniques for improving the quality is still in process as the technology is developing day by day, they take a good care of it.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform CUTcontrol™ technology are introduced under their guidance which is used for digitalisation and improved product performance. The die-cutting solutions of the company support print shops and food manufacturing companies to automate and optimise their die-cutting processes.

Other innovative technologies of the company include BEAMstack™ Robot Generation with innovative Paternoster System for smooth modification of product sizes, LABEL-light™ Tool, PRElaser™ laser system, and SMARTembosser™ for sealing rim-embossing.


Reaching the conclusion, we can summarize that the options are in great numbers. So choose wisely and adequately the best companies for packaging manufacturers that have got the popularity around the world. We have curated a list of the top 10 packing machines manufacturers that are just amazing.

Go through in details of it and explore it further. We have provided enough guidelines for you now the choice is yours. Choose the company that is up to the standards and would meet all the requirements that you prefer.

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