Packing Machine

What is packing machine? Packing machines are used to package components or products. The equipment usually can form, fill, seal, wrap, clean, and packages items at the fully automatic or semi-automatic level. Finopack, a Chinese package machine manufacturer, has focused on package solutions and equipment production since 2010. You can purchase our standard and off-the-shelf packaging equipment, or buy custom-tailored packaging machinery to your specific needs and operations.

  • Factory direct sale & 12 months warranty
  • Applicable industries: food industry, pet food industry, mining industry, biomass industry, chemical industry, compost industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.

Packing Machine Packaging Examples

Best Packaging Machines for Sale

Finopack provides a wide variety of packaging machines to global clients, here are the main types of packaging machines that our company offers. Explore our range of packaging and bagging solutions now!

» Auto Bagging Machines for Sale

» Premade Pouch Packing Machines

» Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines

» Ton Bag Packaging Machine

» Semi Automatic Packing Machine

Packing Machine Videos

The bag magazine can hold 2~3 piles (can be extended according to requirement) of empty bags(40~100, depends on the bag thickness), will transport empty bags to the bag applicator, which will pick up one bag per time, open the bag mouth and place onto the filling spout. The weighed product will drop into the bag through the filling spout. After filling, the filled bag will be transported to the bag closing system (multiple choices for bag closing ways, finish the bag closure and send the closed bag onto the conveyor line.

How to Choose Packaging Machine?

Here are some factors to take into consideration when looking for suitable packaging machines.

  • Technical capabilities, labor requirements, worker safety, maintainability, serviceability, reliability, Energy requirements, flexibility (change-over, materials, multiple products, etc.), ability to integrate into the packaging line, costs, floorspace
  • Quality of outgoing packages, qualifications (for food, pet food, chemical products, etc.), efficiency, productivity, throughput
  • After-sale service: Whether the seller has free training and maintenance services.