Secondary Packaging Machine

What is a secondary packaging machine? Secondary packaging machinery, also named as bag in bag packing machine, automatic bag feeding packaging machine, multi baler, and balling machine line, is the equipment that can automatically loads the products output by the primary packaging machine into a carton box or woven bag and sewing the package according to production requirements (arrangement form, quantity, etc.)

Secondary packaging machine can be divided into Premade bag secondary packaging production line, Bag-making secondary packaging production line, Secondary cartoning packing production line, and Secondary wrapping production line.

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Packaging process (From primary packaging to secondary packaging):

  1. The primary packaging bag is generally small soft bag. The sachets bag is packed by manual packaging or primary packing machine (horizontal packaging machine, VFFS machine, and rotary premade bag packaging machine).
  2. The secondary packaging equipment will put small bags into boxes or big bags (laminated film bags, single film bags, or woven bags) and then automatically stack them. Our secondary packaging machine also consists of marking equipment, labeling equipment, boxing equipment, wrapping and robot palletizing lines.

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Secondary Packaging Machine Applications

The secondary packaging machine is often used for the packaging of powdery and granular materials such as washing powder, salt, rice, sugar, seeds, peanut, grain, nuts, fertilizer, snacks, corn, pet feed, and milk powder. It is a fully automatic machine for major companies to achieve secondary bagging. It is widely used in food, medicine, condiments, chemical, and other industries.

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How a Secondary Packaging Machine Works?

Secondary bag packaging machines

  1. Bag-making secondary packaging production line
  2. Premade bag secondary packaging production line

The difference between the two sets of production lines is: the first is that the big bag for secondary packaging is made by the former of the packaging machine; the big bag for the second set of production line is the existing premade bag.

How to transport small soft bags to the sorting machine?

  1. Weighing direct loading type: use a combination scale or a linear scale to directly weigh it and then drop into the secondary packaging machine, suitable for small bags below 0.1Kg
  2. Launching type: use high-speed launching and conveying device to launch the pouch into the sorting mechanism, suitable for 0.1Kg-5Kg pouches
  3. Push bag type: use the servo motor to drive the push plate to push the pouch into the sorting mechanism, suitable for 3Kg-10Kg pouches
  4. Intelligent gripper: Use robot gripper or vacuum suction cup to directly grab the small bag and place it into the big bag or carton box.

How to sorting the small soft bags?

  1. Single-row horizontal placement: realized by a fixed drop-off mechanism
  2. Double-row vertical placement: realized by the rotating warehouse in the charter machine
  3. Double-row horizontal placement: realized by the left and right swinging unloading mechanism
  4. Multi-row horizontal placement (3~5 rows): realized by a telescopic high-speed launch conveyor.

secondary packaging machinery2

The working process of the secondary packaging production line:

Material→ primary packaging→ small bag conveyor→ weight checker→ metal detector→ conveyor→ double-layer climbing conveyor→ high-speed launching conveyor→ chartering machine→ automatic packaging machine→ Automatic sewing machine→ finished product conveyor

1. Automatic bag-making secondary packaging machine

This secondary packaging line composition mainly includes: double-layer inclined conveyor, high-speed conveyor, counting and sorting machine, woven bag automatic packaging machine, sewing machine, product conveyor, etc.

secondary packaging machinery3

2. Automatic premade bag secondary packaging machine

This secondary packaging line composition mainly includes: double-layer inclined conveyor, high-speed conveyor, counting and sorting machine, premade bag packaging machine(woven bag), sewing machine, product conveyor, etc.

This machine can realize automatic bag loading, bag opening, counting, filling, mobile output, and access to the automatic sewing machine. Realize unmanned packaging process.

secondary packing machine

Automatic secondary cartoning machine production line

The secondary automatic cartoning machine including carton erector, auto bags or boxes into carton packing, carton sealing, auto baler, conveyors.

Automatic cartoning machine have following types according to the way the materials are loaded into the carton:

  1. Drop box packing line(packing bags into carton);
  2. Grab sucker carton box packing line(Topload box into case packer);
  3. Side push type packing line(box into carton);

secondary packaging machinery5

The working process of the secondary cartoning production line:

Secondary Packaging Machinery Advantages

Some industries need more and better protection for their product, then need bag-in-bag, small bags into a big bag, bag-in-box, bag-in-drum, the secondary packaging system will help this, the solution will be customed according to detailed application.

  1. This packing unit can realize auto bag feeding, bag opening, counting, filling, moving output, auto sewing, the whole packing process is fully automatic ;
  2. The touch screen control unit, operation specifications change, maintenance are very convenient, safe and reliable.
  3. Can be arranged to achieve a variety of forms to meet different needs of customers.
  4. The film pulling adopts the servo motor synchronous belt, which has the function of automatic correction. The horizontal and longitudinal seals adopt pneumatic seals.
  5. Realize functions such as self-inspection and information feedback. During production operation, if there is no bag or the bag is not opened, the machine will stop automatically.