Fertilizer Packing Machine

Fertilizer packing machine is used to bag compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, or other pellets in your fertilizer manufacturing plant. Finopack is one of the professional manufacturers of fertilizer packing machines in China, we can make custom fertilizer packing machines in varied specifications to meet the unique demands of customers. Fertilizer bagging machines offered by us are widely appreciated for their competitive prices, easy operating, less maintenance, rugged construction, and excellent functioning.

Our fertilizer packing machines mainly have four parts: auto weighing device, conveying device, sewing device, and computer control. They’re easy to operate and can finish the accurate packaging of various fertilizers (granular/powder). The available packing range is 5 kg to 50 kg, the available package types include Polyethylene (PE) bag, PP woven bag, Kraft Paper Bag, and Flexible Packaging bag.

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The fertilizer packing machine is the last but important equipment of an auto fertilizer production line. A good fertilizer packaging machine can help you save more manpower and costs.

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Our fertilizer bagging machines can package organic fertilizers, turf, potting soil, fibers, etc.

Inorganic Fertilizer: Inorganic fertilizers are chemical fertilizers that contain nutrient elements for the growth of crops made by chemical means. The inorganic fertilizers are of the following types: Nitrogen Fertilizer and Phosphorus Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer: Organic fertilizers are natural fertilizers obtained from plants and animals. It enriches the soil with carbonic compounds essential for plant growth. Organic fertilizers increase the organic matter content of the soil, promote the reproduction of microorganisms, and change the physical and chemical properties of the soil. It is considered to be one of the main nutrients for green food.