Rice Packing Machine

According to the different packaging weight of rice, Finopack rice packing machine can be divided into vertical vertical form fill seal machine for 1-5kg rice bag, usually equipped with 2 heads or 4 heads linear scale, granule bucket elevator and take-off conveyor. Also can pack small bags into big bag with secondary packaging machine; Auto bagging machine for 25kg or 50 kg rice bag packing. Suitable for pillow bag, gusset bag, quad seal bag, kraft paper bag, stand up zipper bag, PE inner film paper bag, woven bag, etc.

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Features & Advantages


It is suitable for the packaging of detergent powder, rice, soy beans, sugar, salt, seeds, corn, peanut butter, chill, pasta, cookies, pet foods, etc.


1. High speed: 10~50 bags/min

2. Easy to operate: PLC controller and color touch-screen, fault indication on the touch screen.

3. Easy to adjust: only about 10 minutes to change different pouches.

4. Frequency control: speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion within the range.

5. Automatically measuring volume, making bags, filling, sealing, cutting, printing the lot number and cutting easy tearing notches, making continuous sachet, finished product conveying.