Premade Pouch Packing Machine

A packaging machine that has the capacity of Bagging itself is known as a fully automatic premade pouch packing machine. The automatic premade bag packaging machine, as the name suggests, is a device that can use premade bags to pack materials. There is a bag placement part in the machine in which the operator puts the premade pouches customized in advance. The mechanical grabbing device automatically picks up the bag, prints the date, opens the bag, sends a signal to the measuring device for measuring, pressing, filling, sealing, and dispensing. The premade pouch packing machine is popular nowadays among entrepreneurs of small, medium, and large enterprises as this machine is replacing manual packaging and provides full automation.

Premade pouch packaging machine also offers many optional configurations. The main ones are material measuring and filling machine, working platform, weight checker, material elevator, vibrating feeder, finished product conveyor, metal detector, etc.

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Premade Pouch Packing Machines for Sale

Finopack packing machine manufacturer provides premium pouch packaging machines for global clients. We provide one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase for our premade pouch packing machines. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems, we can promise that our pouch packing machine prices will be the best available anywhere.

Premade Pouch Packing Machine Applications

Our premade pouch packing machines are widely used in the food industry, seed industry, biomass industry, pet food industry, mining industry, compost industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, chemical industry, and more industries.

Premade Pouch Fill and Seal Machine Projects

Premade Pouch Packing Machine Videos

Types of Pouch Packing Machine
  1. By the number of stations

  • Single station premade bag packing machine 

All functions are completed in one station.

  • Multi-station premade bag packing machine

multi station premade bag packing machine

There are eight-station or ten-station structure in each machine, and each station completes a specific function, and PLC and large-screen touch screen control the operation. The stations are simple and convenient to operate.

2. By working mode

Rotating type and horizontal type are two separate types of pouch packing machine if classified according to the working mode. 

  • Rotary premade packing machine.

Rotary premade packing machine.

  • Horizontal premade bag packing machine

Horizontal premade bag packing machine

The rotary premade bag packaging machine can pack large-sized packs of products, weighing from 300g to 5kg, at relatively average speed. On the other hand, a horizontal premade bag packing machine can pack relatively small-sized packs, weighing from 5 to 100g, but at a faster speed than the rotary machine. 

3. By vacuum mechanism

  • Rotary vacuum packing machine

Rotary vacuum packing machine

The rotary vacuum bag packaging machine is a rotary filling and sealing machine with 8 or 10 stations, which can fully automate the filling and packaging part of your production process. This machine allows you to quickly make vacuum-sealed bags containing products, which is very suitable for commercial transportation and distribution. By speeding up this process by using a rotary bag filling machine, the time normally spent packaging products can be reused for other more pressing tasks to help your business grow. 

How a Premade Pouch Packing Machine Works?

The work process of single station premade bag packing machine:

Bag picking -> Bag feeding -> Bag opening -> Bag filling -> Bag sealing -> Release and Conveyor

Single station premade bag packing machine. work

The work process of Multi-station premade bag packing machine:

Feeding bag -> Coding -> Opening bag -> Filling 1 -> Filling 2 ->  Auxiliary -> Heat sealing -> Forming and output product

Multi-station premade bag packing machine work

Why Use Premade Pouch Packing Machine Works? (Advantages)
  • Attractive packaging

The Automatic Rotary Premade Bag Packaging Machine offers eye-catching premade bag packaging. In addition, the packaged products have a beautiful appearance and bright colours to attract more customers, which is beneficial to product sales.

  • The vacuum effect is good

The prefabricated bag packaging machine has bag type vacuum, which can achieve up to 70% of the vacuum effect in the packaged product. The bag type vacuum packaging machine take on prefabricated bag packaging. The vacuum effect of the packaged product can reach 70%. However, inflating and filtering packaging is not as easy as stretch films and vertical vacuum machines. 

  • The operation is simple

The bag vacuum packaging machine has a man-machine interface. In addition, each machine is equipped with a touch screen. After the packaging parameters are set, the one-key operation becomes convenient and straightforward, which is beneficial to production personnel.

  • The automatic detection function

When the equipment picks up a prefabricated packaging bag, the powerful automatic bag detection function will detect that the empty bag or unqualified bag will stop the feeding and heat sealing. The bag can be reused, reducing packaging waste material. 

  • Fully automated production, high efficiency

Electromechanical integration is the base that drives all the Intelligent Rotary Packaging Machine. Automatic feeding, automatic metering, sealing, heat sealing, and vacuum separation bags are assembled on one production line, reducing labour costs and improving the company’s production efficiency.

  • Flexible and convenient operation

A bag-type packaging can also benefit you by making packs of different size and shape, the width of which can be arbitrary adjusted to a suitable size by motor control. 

  • Wide range of packaging

Products of different shapes and specifications can be packaged, such as liquid, sauce, paste, solid, powder, granule, strip, and various materials can be customized, such as composite film, silica, aluminium foil, single layer polyethene, poly Propylene, etc.

  • Accurate measurement

The bag packaging machine is equipped with an automatic metering device. Different materials have different measuring devices, and the measuring error is less than 1 gram, which can permit production automation and improve the company’s production efficiency.

  • Wide Applications

Three side sealing bag, Gusset Bag, Zipper Bag, Flat Bottom Pouch, spout bags.

This product can be used to different area with optional auxiliary devices 

  1. Solid Species: candy, peanut, green bean, pistachio, crystal candy, brown sugar, cookie, cake, daily commodities, cooked food, pickles, puffed food, etc.
  2. Granule Species: grain, refined gourmet powder, granular drug, capsule, seed, chemistry condiment, granulated sugar, chicken essence, melon seeds, nuts, pesticide, fertilizer, etc.
  3. Power Species: milk power, grape sugar, washing powder, chemistry condiment, refined sugar, pesticide, fertilizer, etc.
  4. Liquid Species& Thick liquid Species: detergent, millet wine, soy sauce, vinegar. Fruit juice, drink, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, chilli sauce, bean sauce, etc.
  5. Materials that can be packed in the bag.
How to Choose Premade Pouch Packing Machine? (Buyer Guide)

As with any other packaging equipment, the following points need to be considered before deciding to buy a new machine 

1. Type of material

First, determine the type of material you need to use. Each product has its characteristics and responses to different packagings. This information can be essential. It helps decide which type of packaging machine you need: rotary, horizontal, vacuum or other. 

2. Type of packaging

The type of packaging machine depends on whether you are using a prefabricated bag or a flat film. The flat film is an economical packaging material suitable for the long-term production of bags. Still, the prefabricated bag of the packaging machine is faster and easier to replace with different varieties than flat film packaging machines. 

Many machines offer multiple bale sizes with simple and easy packing size adjustments. Look for these types of convenient packaging machines. Some packaging machines are easier to replace than others, and some packaging machines (such as horizontal packaging machines) can only handle one packaging size.

3. Production capacity

Set your goal about production rate and select a machine that can accomplish your goal. The production rate of every packaging machine varies, but the size of the package and the nature of material used will significantly influence the result. Even with the latest packaging machine, bigger packaging sizes will require more processing time and thus a low production rate. Think about what you want to gain in terms of production rate.

4. Machine sturdiness

You may require high-performance equipment depending upon the processing material and the working conditions in the plant (very dusty environment, low temperatures, long production hours). You have to make sure that the packaging machine is designed and manufactured for your type of material and environment.

5. Safety of the operator

Of course, the operator’s safety is the top priority, so it is important to understand the safety devices present in the equipment. Some suppliers pay more attention to this aspect than others. So look for machines with interlock fences, locked doors, and a motion detector that stops the machine when it needs to enter the hazardous area. Injuries can be costly for the company, so safety equipment can help minimize these costs.

6. Available space

When choosing a baler, it is important to evaluate the available space in your plant. Horizontal packaging machines usually require more space, while rotary packaging machines save more space.

7. Budget

Needless to say, considering your budget is the most important thing. Although this may seem like a huge investment, buying new equipment can increase your productivity and bring you better results with less maintenance. Calculating your return on investment is very important to understand how long your investment will return. 

8. After-sales service and local support

When you need fast service or parts, it is important to find a supplier who can build a long-lasting relationship with you and has an office or support team in your area. It will help you when you need technical assistance or spare parts urgently. Try to hire a supplier who will always bring you new technologies and help you update your hardware without having to buy a new machine when you don’t need them.

9. Supplier’s experience

Does your supplier has experience in the packaging machine industry? Does that company is famous in the industry? Find every sort of information about the past experiences of your supplier and look for other customers of your supplier who buy the same products. This will help you in finding a good supplier and will eventually benefit you in the long run.