Buyer’s Guide for Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Different products and goods are packaged with the help of a vertical form fill seal machine. They are heavy machines that contain automated pieces. These machines work efficiently on a packaging assembly line.

Usually, these machines’ main work is to get the package from the machine, and then the required product is filled in it. After filling, the product, whether it is in dry form or semi-liquid form, is sealed. After that, the packet is shipped to the store for purchase. Keep in mind that it is not a single packet; these are filled packets in bulk quantity to be shipped.

What is VFFS Machine? 

A vertical form fill seal machine is packaging for a bagging machine typically used to pack the goods or products into bags. There are many important industries such as pharmaceuticals and food industries where VFFS machines are used for packaging.

The machine starts its working by making the bag from roll stock, and then the bag is filled with a particular product. After that, it is sealed and then goes towards shipment.

Variety of sizes with different features

These are beneficial bagging machines that can be used in a variety of ways. As long as these machines are equipped with additional features but the good thing is that they are also available in different sizes. The most famous example of a vertical form fill seal machine is potato chip bags that are usually used with dry goods or even with liquids in different settings.

High speed

These machines run at very high speed and due to this reason the production rate is greater. Even some machines show the speed of up to 200 packs per minute, and this is the most fantastic thing about VFFS. This high speed is due to the formation of the bags from roll stock.

Along with the increased rate of the bagging process, the pouches’ overall cost will also reduce. In the food industry, the machines are also used in packaging different chemicals or detergents or even candies in granular form.

Multi components in coordination

These machines are therefore automated to compensate for the filling capacities required for industries. These are also helpful in saving time in having a multi component that should be activated in coordination. The coordination of the equipment parts is necessary to get a proper filling.

Variety of products for packaging

Vertical form fill seal machine can work both on the dry goods as well as liquid. So this machine will cover all kinds of packaging, including liquids and solids materials.

Most surprisingly, these machines are used in packaging a variety of products, from foods to pharmaceuticals. Now the question arises how these fill machines work. These machines are divided into two categories depending on different styles. Vertical form fill seal machine and Horizontal form fill seal machine.

However, vertical form fill seal machines are the most popular and mainly used in different packaging industries. If we talk about VFFS, then it is essential in their operations and somewhat self-explanatory.

Its main work is to form, fill, and then seal the packet. These VFFS are usually available in different varieties, such as a single web and a dual web. HFFS machines, on the other side, usually work to pack the products from a horizontal perspective.

How to choose vertical form fill seal machine?

For your company’s growth, it is vital and essential to look for new technologies and techniques while considering VFFS machines. This can be possible with the help of a vertical form fill seal machine where you can save your time and increase production.

These machines will therefore help in accelerating the packaging operations, especially in the plastic and paper industry. It is essential to search for something while purchasing these machines.

Choose the VFFS machine according to the nature of the products, which must be appropriate for your process. The machines should not require technical maintenance more often. Also, pay attention to the initial cost, quality of the operation, and total cost of the functions.

How does a VFFS machine help in improving operations in your business?

  • Using a wide variety of materials

While talking about vertical form fill seal machines, many types of packaging materials are available. For example, it is necessary to maintain the crispiness in salty foods or snacks as long as possible.

So for this purpose, the screws must not be poked throughout their packaging material. Similar is the case with coffee, as its aroma should never be lost. This would be possible when lamination is applied along with the single-layer used in the packaging materials. Every packaging layer comes with a specific function according to the product.

  • Low Operational Costs 

VFFS machines are very good at improving operations and thus cause the low cost of packaging. Packaging speed is also enhanced with the help of these machines. Thus they are beneficial in increasing the output of the process per hour.

Through proper care, optimization and maintenance can be done to improve its life.

  • Variety of bag shapes

The company can quickly produce any type of bag shapes

by using only one VFFS machine. This can be possible with the help of simple exchange parts such as forming shoulders or forming tubes.

For example, a transparent and durable bag with a block bottom is necessary for the breakable cookies to be packed. However, on the other side, the chips can be packed in simple bags.  All this can be possible by the same vertical form fill seal machine.

  • Labeling and printing features

The VFFS machine is also equipped with both levelers and printers. It is effortless to connect the machine to the printer, where they are used to print the expiry date, manufacturing date, and other details.

Other specific information about the particular product is also printed.

On the other side, the labels are also applied to the products with the label’s help. These labels are pre-printed through the labeler.

  • Extras

Along with the labels and prices mentioned, you can also add extra hours to your vertical form fill seal machine. Most surprisingly, the extras are very helpful in enhancing the packaging process, and it also aids in closing the packaging bags more fastly.

Adding other extras to the VFFS packaging machine, the packaging process can be enhanced. These extras are also helpful in reclosing the packaging bags in significantly less time. If there is a reliable manufacturer, then the vertical form fill seal machine will provide high-quality packaging with reliability and optimal performance.

  • Low maintenance

These machines are mighty with low maintenance and changeover speeds. Therefore they are incredible machines that will give a high value per investment dollar at a low cost.

Ultimately, after some time, these VFFS machines will give your money back, which you invest. With time, it is straightforward to improve the operations of vertical form fill seal machines through experience. Therefore you will succeed in increasing the operations in your manufacturing business.

  • Secure products in an airtight package

The essential requirement about the packaging is that the product must be stored in airtight packages. The machine can do this through an additional protection level in a MAP ( Modified Atmosphere Package ). In this modified atmosphere packaging, the air is exchanged in the inert gas package to fight oxidation extending the product’s shelf life.

Design of VFFS machine

The VFFS machine is a vertical packaging machine consisting of the following sections.

  • Dosing system 
  • Forming area 
  • Film feeding and alignment 
  • Sealing and cutting

Working principle of vertical form fill seal machine

The working principle of vertical form fill seal machines consists of the following steps.

  • Packaging material unwinding
  • Pouch forming 
  • Vertical sealing 
  • Bottom sealing
  • Product filling 
  • Top ceiling 
  • Cutting and discharge

Packaging material unwinding

Usually, the packaging material is available in the form of rolls. Therefore the material is put in the form of rolls and is used through unwinding. There are several rollers through which the film is pulled out and tensioned. There is also a weighted pivot arm so that it is ready for good forming. At the back of the machine, the unwinder is also adjusted.

Pouch forming

The material is put into the machine on a platform and then tensioned to the filling tube. Keep in mind that pouch shape is provided to the packaging material so that they will be able to perform the filling. This process is done at the specific part of the forming tube, also called the forming shoulder.

Around the forming tube, the packaging material is twisted and then pulled along the tube. This thing then starts the following stages of the filling process. For the movement of the film, some pull-down belts are installed just after forming. You can also find some designs in which the sealing jaws are used to pull the film.

Vertical sealing

When the packaging material is shrouded around the forming tube, the first sealing is done on the side. So there is an overlap while wrapping the material around the tube. For vertical sealing, it is essential to make the packaging bags according to the perfect width of the packaging reel and the forming collar.

You can find many sealing bars or sealing jaws pressed together to make a perfect layer. Therefore the overlapping material is pressed and weld through heating. With the help of heating the material, a side seal is formed. Along with all this discussion,  keep in mind that there are different shapes of the seals.

Bottom sealing

After the above process, it still can not be fed to the feeding tube. You cannot add it to the feeding tube because, at this time, there is no bottom seal present.

This thing is done why some sealing bars. At this moment, the ceiling bars are also welding the material through heating and pressure. Also, the desired pouch is made at perfect length according to the length of the material.

Product filling

As the name shows, in product filling, the product is put into the system. The dosing system is then placed near the forming tube. The dosing system’s primary function is to run the system the amount of product to dose. After that, the material is then poured down to the forming tube and then put in the pouch for making the packets.

Top sealing

It is the second last stage of the process in which top-sealing has been done. When the product’s dosing is completed, the same sealing Jaws which performed the bottom seal have activated again.

Therefore in this way top seal is created, and in the end, closing the pouch. There are some designs in which the sealing Jaws are equipped with vertical movement up and down. This design allows us to pull the film along the machine. Then the film is unrolled from the reel present on the unwinder.

Cutting and discharge

After closing the pouch, the cutting and falling to a collection system are done. A belt conveyor is always there to take the pouch to the next packaging step.

The following packaging step is to put it into the box.

Intermittent or continuous filling

The intermittent or continuous filling is a little bit different from the simple process. The only difference is that all the steps are repeated just like the above but with more speed. Therefore faster designs will allow the continuous process that is available with some suppliers.

The filling speed is usually 30 to 80 pouch per minute in that process if we consider an intermittent VFFS packaging machine. On the other side, the machine can fill almost 100 to 200 or even up to 300 pouches per minute for a continuous vertical form fill seal machine.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Manufacturers

In the market, many potential manufacturers are present that are using vertical form fill seal machines. Keep in mind that the delivery system’s quality is very much crucial because many fast devices need high precision and accuracy and assembly of work reliability in factories.

For this purpose, you can talk to 4 to 5 suppliers and discuss them by asking technical questions. As a manufacturer, you can use the information in this article to understand these suppliers’ technical levels. If it looks convincing, then you should ask for the references of the manufacturer.

Final Words

These are all the details about how these VFFS machines work. As a manufacturer, it should be your prime responsibility to take advantage of vertical form fill seal machines and increase your productivity. So you can grow your business in a very little time and get your money back again and again which you will invest in these high-quality and speedy machines. Through this article, you can evaluate all the details about its working and benefits.

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