Automatic Bagging Machine

An automatic bagging machine is an automatic filling and sealing machine which fills products into bags up to a specific weight and closes the bag mouth automatically. Our automatic bagging and sealing machines are perfect for beans, rice, flour, spices, or any type of food-grade bagging materials, so they’re popular with the food industry. Moreover, the automatic bagging machines can be used for some materials of a small or granulated lightweight consistency, such as small styrofoam pellets, fertilizer, potting soil, plastic pellets, and more.

  • Factory direct sale & one year warranty
  • Applicable industries: food industry, seed industry, biomass industry, pet food industry, mining industry, compost industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, chemical industry, etc.
  • 20 kg bag packing machine, 25 kg bag packing machine, 30 kg bag packing machine, 50 kg bag packing machine, etc.

Automatic Bagger Packaging Examples

These automated bagging machines are suitable for PE bags, PP Woven bags, and Kraft paper bags.

Auto Bagger for Sale

Finopack automatic bagging machine manufacturer provides a complete end-to-end solution for your automatic bagging systems requirement. We have been providing durable, premium, and well-engineered auto bagging machines for industrial manufacturers and agricultural product providers all over the world. Browse these auto bagging machines for sale! Affordable prices are also available!

Automatic Bagging Machine Applications

The auto bagger machines are widely applied in beauty and cosmetics, food and beverage, pharma and chemical industries. These automated bagging systems can package rice, nut, peanut, feed, grain, seed, salt, sugar, and other powder, pellets, or granulated products.

Fully Automatic Bagging Machine Videos