Automatic Granule Packing Machine

Finopack packing machine manufacturer offers perfect filling, weighing and packing solutions for all kinds of granular items of irregular shapes. Our automatic granule packing machine can do heavy bag packaging (10kg-50kg), small bag packaging(5kg-10kg), and mini bag packaging 1g-500g & 500g-5kg. These granule packaging machines are widely used for industrial, food, retail, and pharmaceutical packaging applications.

Automatic Granule Packing Machines for Sale

Finopack packaging machinery manufacturer will offer the most competitive granule packing machine prices for you! 12 months warranty, Installation & Using Guiding.

Granule Packing Machine Videos

Our granule packing machine can automatically do granules measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, date printing and bags counting.

Granule Packing Machine Applications

Finopack automatic granule packing machine are widely used in different industries as shown below.

  • Food packaging: Grains, wheat, rice, beans, Chickpeas, pasta, corn falkes, chocolate, candy, peanuts, nuts, coffee granule, sugar, salt, tea, dried fruits, frozen foods, frozen fruits, corn seeds, ice tube;
  • Snacks Packaging: puffed food, potato chips, fries, biscuit, chocolate, candy, cookies, totopos, tortillas, dates;
  • Animal Pet Food Packaging: dog food, cat food, pig feed pellet, fish feed, cat litter, shrimp feed, etc.
  • Chemical packaging: PE, PP granule, PVC, plastic particles, pallet, metal pellets.
  • Fertilizer packaging: Elemental fertilizers, such as urea, superphosphate, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, etc. Compound fertilizers, such as potassium nitrate, diammonium phosphate, granular compound fertilizers in various proportions, etc. Water-soluble fertilizer;

Ganule Packaging Machine Package Cases