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The goal is to provide better protection for the pallets, like dustproof or waterproof or both, our solution will be multiple types of wrapping machine and stretch hooder according to the pallet protection request.

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Finopack pallet wrapper manufacturer provides various pallet wrap machines with affordable prices.

What is a pallet wrapper?

In pallet wrappers, there are automatic stretch wrappers that increase productivity. This productivity is necessary for high-volume settings. These pallet wrappers are present in several industries. These industries are the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry, dairy, pet food, and automotive industries.

This is the primary reason pallet stretch wrapping is considered the pride of the production process. The industries in which the machinery is slow and unreliable will cause the bottleneck, increasing the costs.

Advanced pallet wrapping designs will produce:

  • Variable pre-stretching ratios which produce the best film economy
  • Pre-stretching from the very start of the cycle
  • Accurate and different containment forces to keep the corners intact. 
  • User-friendly HMI for precise and efficient production
  • Good lubrication and parts replacement
  • If there is a suitable machine, the results will ultimately be reliable and fulfill customer satisfaction.

Manual wrapping vs. pallet wrappers

Some companies select the pallet wrappers whereas some companies go for manual wrapping. But nowadays manual wrapping is going to end. Through pallet wrappers, the companies are saving lot of money.   

The employees manually wrap the pallets and also the number of employees who do the task manually. So in this way, you are losing money through manual wrapping. It will therefore cause you significantly higher TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership )

Moreover, it is tough and slow to do hand stretching to only stretch the wrap at only 10 to 20%. Most surprisingly, wrapping machines can stretch the wrap at an average of 200 to 300%. So going through these details is very easy to compare the pallet wrappers and manual wrapping. 


Types of pallet wrappers

Before selecting the types of pallet wrappers, it is very important to consider whether the system is automatic or semi automatic. While deciding this thing, capital, speed, space, capability, and other needs are the most important things to consider. 

The stretch wrapper may be semi-automatic where it is manually placed on the turntable. At the bottom of the pallet, a piece of wrap is put at the bottom. Then the stretch wrapper machine holds on all the load according to the selection of machine for carrying the load.

After that, the pallet is again manually removed from the turntable. Then again the process starts where the next pallet is placed. There are also automatic stretch wrappers which carry the wrapper and put it in the wraps zone. This pallet is wrapped according to the settings of the control system.

When the wrapping is completed, the pallet then moves down the conveyor to the packaging line’s end. So this is the end of the packing when fully wrapped pallets are available. Then automatically, the next pallet is put into the wrap zone.

Although there are many types of pallet wrapping machines, many kinds of wrappers also have different functionality.

It is very important to search and inquire about different kinds of equipment and then evaluate which pallet wrapper is according to your needs. These equipment are straddle wrappers, turntable wrappers, rings treadle wrappers, or orbital wrappers. The machines mentioned above wrap the pallets differently and offer different variables to the load containment. 

As different machines are made for different types of applications and for this purpose, there is a need to review the specifications for each kind of machine. It is better to study the machine via video or live demonstration. Through video or live demonstration, you will get an idea about the particular machine.

  • Turntable wrapper

As the name depicts in a turntable wrapper, the product spins but on the other hand the rapid delivery system produces the stretch wrap where the product is being wrapped. In the turntable wrapping system, the weight is present at the bottom but then it wraps up to the top and back of the bottom. It is to note that turntable refers to one of the most famous kinds of stretch wrapping machines. 

  • Straddle wrapper

In this machine, there is a straddle that stretches the wrappers. In straddle wrapper, the weight does not move but there is a spinning of rapid delivery system. Then the product is packed depending on whether the product is stable or lightweight. Straddle wrappers are also capable of managing the heavier loads.

  • Orbital wrapper

The orbital wrapper usually wraps the pallet by going under and over the load which is being packaged. This type of wrapper starts working when the weight moves on a conveyor. The orbital wrapper is also known as a ringer, and it was first used for packaging flattened or odd-shaped items such as rolled carpets, windows, and pipes.

  • Rings straddle wrapper 

Ring straddle wrapper works fastly where they can wrap 200 loads per hour. This wrapper machine is usually used in a number of industries such as beverages and toiletry. These are specialized devices but still, there are few ring straddle wrappers are used. The weight in these wrappers will keep at one point, however, the delivery system spins around the pallet.

How can we compare the right stretch wrapper or pallet?

It is very important to keep in mind certain things when selecting the stretch wrapper or pallet.

  1. It is very important to consider how many pallet loads are present to wrap everyday. With this, you can quickly evaluate the particular range of machines required for optimal performance and film efficiency.
  2. Secondly, the product weight also matters a lot while wrapping. Different models have different weight capacities. Ensure that the pallet weight should not exceed 4400 pounds because when the weight exceeds 4400 lbs, there is a need to have a different style machine. 
  3. Vial wrapping considering how tall the product is, and this thing is very much important. Along with the product height, it is also essential to consider the overall dimensions. This helps determine the height and size specifications required for the machine to efficiently wrap the product. There are always options for oversize pallets.
  4. Is there a need to optimize film usage? Many power-free stretch carriages decrease the film needed per pallet. Therefore, it also reduces the film cost by up to 60%. For example, if there are 20 wrappings or more pallets per day, it is straightforward to pay off a pre-stressed power carriage cost in just a few months. With this, it is possible to save a lot of dollars after some time. 
  5. Is there a need for a pallet wrapper with a scale? Moreover, the ease of adding the scale makes the most of the stretch wrappers. With an integrated scale, it is very easy to efficiently way the pallets for transport. This thing also removes the extra handing.
  6. A ramp is required for loading the pallets. Now the question arises are you loading with pallet Jacks or fork trucks. Both these loads require ramps. There are various ramps available with which you can load the machine, whether it is a pallet jack or electric jack.
  7. In the end, considering the space is also very important. Remember that you are not limiting space whether you are loading with the manual jack or electric pallet jack.