Seed Packing Machine

Finopack has different seed packing machine models for different production requirements, low, moderate, or high production capacity. Our seed packaging machines are suitable for different kinds of seeds, such as vegetable seeds, sunflower seeds, and grain seeds. Moreover, the machine can also package chickpeas, corns, and other flowable solids.

Seeds Packing Machine Working Videos

Seeds Packing Machines for Sale

We show really efficient and environmentally friendly seed packing machines here! Every part of the seeds packing machine in contact with the seeds is made of non-toxic materials or stainless steel. Our seed packing machines have sold to 40+ countries and regions all over the world, and our company has got a big reputation since our high quality and competitive factory prices.

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Our seed packing machine can count and fill seeds in almost any kind of package, this could be bags, vials, alu packets, pots, cans etc. Here are some projects finished by our Finopack seeds packing machine.