Packaging Machinery and Floorspace

Choosing the right packaging equipment for any project is a process involving many different aspects, from physical factors such as products, bottles and caps to other factors such as speed, demand and scalability, which are always important. Because of the obvious needs, the space available for equipment is usually not discussed in detail. From automatic to semi-automatic systems, there are many different ways to solve the problem of limited production space.

A semi-automatic machine uses one operator in each cycle on the rinsing machine, filling machine, capping machine, or other equipment. Although this machine can be built on a complete frame, smaller machines, including desktop equipment, are usually built specifically for packers with limited space. Semi-automatic stand-alone machines and tabletops enable most packers to increase the speed of the packaging process and improve stability and reliability. The customized semi-automatic machine can provide portability, multiple processing stations, etc., to meet the needs of a single packaging machine.

However, the semi-automatic system cannot meet the production requirements of all packaging machines. Although space is considered when manufacturing semi-automatic equipment, it is more challenging to manufacture automatic equipment for limited space. Most automated production lines will incorporate power conveyor systems to move bottles or other containers. In addition, automated equipment usually moves thousands of units of products every day, which means space for equipment and space for storage, packaging, and transportation. Small space can be used for automatic machines, but of course, there are restrictions on the width of the machine and even the conveyor belt.

Some packers may combine automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines when space is tight to meet demand and save space. For example, if filling or sealing takes longer than any other packaging task, an automatic filling or sealing machine can be used with semi-automatic equipment. So that the product can be produced in an accessible space. In addition, in some cases, smaller footprint machines (such as monoblock machines) is used for packaging in a smaller area. The monoblock machine uses a starwheel to indicate the bottle from one point of the wheel to the next. Various stops on the starwheel can clean, fill, close or prepare the bottle as needed. This option eliminates the need for extensive transportation systems to move products from one stand-alone machine to another.

Although space is only one factor in choosing the best packaging solution for any project, it should always be considered. Still, limited space does not rule out the possibility of automating the packaging process. Instead, unique solutions are required based on all aspects of the project. If you need help finding suitable equipment for your project, please contact Liquid Packaging Solutions immediately.

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