Semi Automatic Packing Machine

Semi automatic packing machine also belongs to the automatic packaging equipment, and is an advanced modern packaging equipment with high-end packaging technology. Working process of semi automatic packing machine is composed of machinery and manpower. Comparatively speaking, the production efficiency of semi automatic packing machine is lower than a fully automatic packing machine, but the cost of a semi auto packing machine is also low! The cost of buying several semi-automatic pack machines might be less than the cost of one auto packing machine, which makes semi automatic packing machine is more suitable for small business.

Semi automatic packing machine is also ideal for the packaging of products that consist of differnet goods in many different configurations. With a semi automatic packing machine, you don’t need to change parts frequently, which will save a lot of time and money.

  • Factory direct sale & one year warranty
  • Applicable industries: food industry, seed industry, biomass industry, pet food industry, mining industry, compost industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, chemical industry, etc.

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